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Suspect loses three fingers in police station after officers slammed cell door on his hand

By Mason White 6:55 PM January 5, 2017
Jamie Clark
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man in the United Kingdom, who was forced into a police holding cell, lost three of his fingers when officers slammed the door on his hand.

28-year-old Jamie Clark of Llanelli, was arrested after an altercation with his girlfriend.

He was accused of resisting police officers and assaulting them at the police station. Police then stripped him naked and forced him into a holding cell.

A video of the incident shows the officers dragging Clark into the holding cell. He was pepper sprayed and stripped naked before being dragged into the holding cell.

As the officers left the cell, Clark got up and ran towards the door. Clark placed his hand on the door frame as the officers shut the door.

As a result, Clark lost three fingers of his left hand. It took officers several minutes to realize what had happened. Clark was taken to a hospital, but doctors could not save his fingers.

Clark is preparing to file a lawsuit against police, demanding compensation for his lost fingers.