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Woman shocked after supermarket charged her $150 for one pomegranate

By Mason White 6:51 PM January 5, 2017
Pomegranate (illustration)
By: Feng Qian

A woman in the United Kingdom, could not believe her eyes when she looked at a supermarket receipt, showing a charge of $150 for a single pomegranate.

Anna Day of Forden, said that the incident unfolded last week, as she went shopping for groceries at Morrisons.

On her way to the supermarket, Day’s neighbor asked her to get her a pomegranate. Day agreed, and when she got to the cashier, she was initially shocked by her large bill.

Day asked the cashier to check the charges, and when the employee assured her that everything was correct, the surprised customer left the store and went home.

When Day arrived home, she looked at the receipt. She noticed that the cashier accidentally charged her for 124 pomegranates instead of one.

The total cost of the pomegranates were $150. Day called Morrisons and she was issued a refund for all the pomegranates.

The supermarket has also apologized for the error. Day urged everyone to look over their receipts to make sure that there are no errors.