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Court orders man to buy pizza pies for police officers after verbally abusing them

By Mason White 6:49 PM January 5, 2017
Pizza pie (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

A man who verbally abused police officers, has been ordered to buy them pizza pies and soft drinks, according to court documents in Fiji.

The 48-year-old man of Melbourne, Australia, who was not identified, was arrested after being accused of being drunk and disorderly.

While he was being held at the Lomolomo Police Station in Lautoka, he began swearing at the officers who were on duty.

He also made disparaging remarks about police officers in general. The suspect was then hit with another charge of obstructing a police.

In court, the suspect pleaded guilty to one count each of obstructing a police officer, and drunk and disorderly conduct.

The suspect was sentenced to pay a fine of $50 and purchase 10 pizza pies and soft drinks for police. The food cost the suspect an additional $300.