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How To Protect Children From Pedophiles

By Mason White 2:19 PM January 5, 2017
Father and daughter (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

All parents want to keep their children safe.

Sadly, there are so many people around the children who are attracted to them and want to sexually abuse them.

Here are some simple tips that will empower you and help you protect your precious children.

First, talk to your children about inappropriate touching.

Make sure they know that nobody is allowed to touch their private parts.

Try to teach your children to wash their own private parts from a young age, this will protect them from people who use bath time as an excuse to touch them inappropriately.

Tell the children that if for some reason a doctor has to examine that area, one of the parents must be in the room.

Never leave your child alone with a doctor for any reason.
There have been reports of doctors sexually abusing children after sending parents out of the rooms.

Tell your children that if they are in a situation where they feel that they are in danger, they should scream loudly and run away.

By screaming, they will startle the pedophiles who are trying to harm them, and they will leave in order not to get caught.

Find easy code words that your children can remember. Teach your children to use them to let you know when they are in a situation where they feel unsafe.

Tell your children that if they are at someone’s house and they feel unsafe, they should call you and use the code word so you will know to come pick them up immediately.

The code word will help your child get out of an unsafe situation without alarming the pedophile that child is calling for help.

Sadly, so many cases of sex abuse occurs at hands of people we know and trust such as family members, friends, teachers and babysitters. They can be male or female of all ages.

Here are tips to look out to protect your children.

See if someone is spending too much time with the child.

Is a teacher offering to tutor your kid after school or take the child on overnight trips?

Do classmates call your child for sleepovers too often? Be aware, kids have been molested by fathers of their friends during sleepovers.

Is a close family member spending more time with one particular child? Is he or she offering to take the child along on shopping trips even if they do not last long whenever the opportunity arises?

Children have reported that they were sexually abused by family members and close family friends on short shopping trips.

For their safety, watch the children after returning home. Is the child irritable or running to his or her room immediately? This would be a red flag, which should cause concern.

Is a stepfather often offering to bath the children and put them to bed by reading a story? Although the mother may take this as a loving gesture from her spouse, this would be a red flag for concern.

Make sure that your children know that you are here to protect them so they are not afraid to come talk to you when they feel unsafe with any person, even if it is someone you love.

There have been cases where children have been sexually abused by their own grandfathers or by their stepparents.

Many children said that when they tried to speak to their parents about it, he or she did not want to believe the stories, leading the sexual abuses to go on for years.