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Horse lays head on coffin of its owner who died suddenly in motorcycle crash

By Mason White 10:29 AM January 6, 2017
Sereno the horse laying on the coffin
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A horse has brought many people to tears at a funeral by mourning the loss of its owner.

34-year-old Wagner de Lima Figueiredo was killed in a motorcycle crash in Brazil.

His friends and family gathered to mourn his loss. His brother, Wando Lima, said that the victim was loved by his horse so he felt that it would be proper to bring the animal to the funeral.

To everyone’s surprise, the horse named Sereno, began whinnying loudly as pallbearers gave their eulogy.

When the coffin was placed in an open truck, the horse walked over and smelled the coffin. Witnesses said that it appeared that the animal new that it’s human best friend was inside.

To everyone’s amazement, the animal laid its head down on the coffin in it’s heartbreaking farewell to its owner.

Wando Lima and his family will now care for the horse.