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How To Protect Your Child From Bullies

By Mason White 9:22 AM January 8, 2017
Boy crying (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

With the increasing number of children committing suicide due to being bullied, parents are looking for ways to protect their children from those who are hurting them.

Here are some tips to help protect your children and help them deal with bullies.

The first thing you need to remember is that it is very hard to change other people or force others to take actions.

Many people have reported that they tried working with the school staff when their children were bullied, but they were not supportive and the bullying continued.

Knowing this fact will empower you to take action to help your children without outside help.

Here is how to begin helping your children. First, you should try to identify what caused the bully to pick on your child.

When bullies look for their targets, they find things in the children that they can make fun.

The cause may be something physical such as the way the children dress or emotional such as their low self confidence or being shy.

If the cause of the bullying is over appearance, get someone with great taste to take your children shopping for new clothes. If your child is wearing glasses buy a new one and up to date pair.

Even if the issue is one that cannot be fixed at this point, such as crooked teeth or crossed eyes, if the children are dressed to impress, it will help their confidence and it will remove the reasons for the bullies to make fun of them.

If bullies steal your children’s snacks, you can do the following, which has shown to have great results.

For the next three months, prepare your children’s favorite snacks and leave them at home so they can eat after returning home from school.

Then prepare healthy snacks that your children like, such as cut up fruits and vegetables, which they can take to school.

The bullies will not be interested in these types of food.

After a few months, the bullies will get bored of going through your children’s backpack without finding anything to steal and they will look for other targets, who have food that they like.

Before implementing this, sit down with your children and let them know your plans.

If the bullies steal lunch money, then for the next few months, you or someone you trust should take the money to school instead of your children.

This might be difficult if you have a job, but the effort is well worth it as it will stop the bullies from targeting your children.

Let your children know that bullies are often times children who are angry and frustrated with their own lives and therefore, they want to make others miserable.

If your children get beaten or harassed by the bullies, teach them not to respond in order not to give the bullies the satisfaction of making them miserable.

Make your children understand that the bullies are using them as tools to make themselves happier.

This will make your children see that there is nothing wrong with them but rather it is the bullies who have issues.

Tell your children to stay away from the area where the bullies hangs out during breaks at school or in the neighborhood.

If your children make the effort to stay away and not respond, then the bullies will lose interest in hurting them and they will go look for other targets.