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Man sexually assaults two exchange students who lived with him and his girlfriend

By Mason White 9:01 AM January 8, 2017
Joshua Perez
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A woman allowed detectives to listen in to a conversation as she demanded answers from her boyfriend who was accused of sexually abusing teens.

The couple of Florida, allowed two exchange students from Vietnam,to live with them.

The couple was supposed to care for the teens while they were so far away from their homes.

However, the teens, who are over 18 years old, told police that Joshua Perez, 28, sexually abused them, and he was arrested.

One victim said that Perez forcefully had sex with her 13 times over the past three months.

The other woman told police that he exposed himself to her while she cooked for him. She then ran to her room and called her parents, begging them to find her another place to live, according to the criminal complaint.

While Perez was behind bars, his girlfriend allowed detectives to listen in on her conversation with her boyfriend.

Detectives said that Perez admitted to having sex with one of the students a few times, but he claimed that the sex sessions were consensual.

He also said that he may have exposed himself to the other girl, but if he did, it was accidental.