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Hot-looking model stands on street in bikini with a sign asking strangers for donations for breast implants

By Mason White 5:43 PM January 9, 2017
Juliane Snekkestad
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A hot-looking model of the United Kingdom, grabbed the attention of many people while she was standing outside on the street dressed in a bikini.

She brought laughs to many passersby who read her sign, in which she asked people for donations to pay for bigger breasts.

Many people asked Juliane Snekkestad for a selfie as she was holding the sign that read: “Model: Need money for boob job.”

Snekkestad, who is originally from Norway, came to London, where she is looking to collect about $6,000.

While many people gave her small donations, one man offered the model a whopping $1,200 if she agrees to spend one night with him, but she declined.

When the video of the blonde beauty was posted to the Internet, it was revealed that the model had no real intention of ever going under the knife.

She was collecting the money as part of a prank. All the money she collected was donated to a breast cancer research charity.