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Mother kills cyclist during race while screaming at her children for throwing popcorn around in her car

By Mason White 2:02 PM January 9, 2017
Laura Brayshaw
By: Mahesh Sarin

A mother of the United Kingdom, was jailed for killing a man as she was distracted while driving.

The mother killed the cyclist after being distracted by her children who were throwing popcorn at one another in the back seat.

27-year-old Laura Brayshaw was driving at 50 miles per hour, when she lost control of her Nissan Almera, while she was turned around for a “split-second” to scream at her three young daughters.

She hit a patch of grass and her car spun across the road, where she hit 58-year-old Richard Ellis of Essex, who was near the end of a 130 mile bicycle race.

Ellis, who has three grandchildren, was seriously injured in the collision and he died two days later at the hospital.

The attorneys for Brayshaw, who is a single mother and hospital health worker, told the Bournemouth Crown Court that she showed a “normal human reaction” to her misbehaving children.

However, Richard’s brokenhearted widow and his children said that they cannot forgive her for the error that led to the tragic consequences.

Brayshaw, whose daughters were nine, seven and three years old at the time of the tragedy, had only passed her driving test six months before the accident.

Brayshaw was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison and she was banned from driving for 20 months after pleading guilty to causing death by careless driving.