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Father arrested after waitress records him molesting his young daughter while sitting on his lap

By Mason White 2:59 PM January 10, 2017
The father holding his daughter
By: Feng Qian

(Scroll down for video) A waitress became distraught after seeing what appeared to be a father molesting his daughter while she was sitting on his lap.

The man and his family of Mexico, were eating at the restaurant in Villahermosa, when the incident occurred.

In the video, the 4-year-old girl was seen sitting on her father’s lap, playing a video game on a phone.

The man appeared to place his hand down her underwear. The girl’s dressed was lifted and her upper leg was exposed.

The waitress uploaded the video to social media, where it was shared many times. Police asked people to help them identify the man in the video.

After getting tips from the public, police announced that they have now arrested the girl’s father. He was identified as
48-year-old Juan Vicente Hernandez Leon.

The father reportedly tried to leave the area after learning that his video went viral. Police said that they caught the man as he was waiting for a bus for Mexico City.

Prosecutor Fernando Valenzuela Pernas said in a press conference that the 4-year-old girl was taken into protective custody after undergoing a medical exam.

The girl’s mother, Silva Algomeda, released a video defending her husband, and saying that he never hurt their daughter.

“Do you think the girl would have been so calm if my husband had been touching her inappropriately? Of course she wouldn’t, the girl would have reacted, she would have dropped the phone, but she was quiet and kept playing,” she said.

She also accused the waitress of being “malicious” for posting the video to social media rather then calling police or talking to her immediately.