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Fun-loving woman wears Chewbacca mask while giving birth at hospital

By Mason White 2:53 PM January 10, 2017
Katie Stricker Curtis
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) A woman decided to turn her labor pains into something entertaining for herself and those around her.

While labor pains make many women miserable, this pregnant woman decided to bring laughter into her hospital room.

32-year-old Katie Stricker Curtis of Detroit, Michigan, used the Chewbacca mask, which has a built-in voice changer, to make sounds like a famous Star Wars character.

Every time Curtis screamed out in pain, the unique sounds made everyone laugh.

After 19 hours of labor, Curtis gave birth to her son Jayden.

Curtis posted a 12-second clip of herself wearing the mask during labor to Facebook with the caption: “Just because I’m about to be a mom doesn’t mean I have to grow up! Never take life too seriously!”

Curtis received a lot of positive comments over her idea.

Curtis said that she got the idea to wear the mask after watching a video of Candace Payne of Texas, which showed her wearing it.