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Man suing hospital after contracting deadly bacteria that ate most of his manhood

By Mason White 8:04 PM January 10, 2017
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By: Chan Yuan

A cancer survivor in the United Kingdom, filed a lawsuit against a hospital after a flesh-eating bacteria ate most of his manhood, according to court documents.

61-year-old Andrew Lane of Essex, said that he had a routine surgery at the Southend Hospital, after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

During the surgery, his bowel was punctured. As a result, he contracted necrotising fasciitis, which is a flesh-eating bacteria.

He was forced to undergo multiple surgeries, and he lost most of his manhood. After he recovered from the surgery, Lane was fitted with a catheter and a colostomy bag.

Lane said that he can no longer look himself in the mirror naked as he looks like a pregnant woman. Lane can no longer have sex with his wife 59-year-old Sue, whom he married 14 years ago.

His injuries are irreversible, and he will live like this the rest of his life. Lane gave up his job as an architectural draftsman, following the incident.

He is suing the hospital for negligence.