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Animals rights activist denied citizenship because she is annoying

By Mason White 7:57 PM January 11, 2017
Nancy Holten
By: Feng Qian

An animal rights activist was shocked to learn that she will not be getting citizenship in Switzerland, because she is annoying.

42-year-old Nancy Holten, who moved from the Netherlands to the country many years ago, was denied citizenship twice due to concerns by many citizens about her views that are not aligned with the history of the country.

Holten came to Aargau, Switzerland, when she was just 8 years old. She has two children, and they have citizenship. She speaks the language fluently, but she is annoying many people by her outspoken campaign against animal abuse.

Holten became famous by her campaign against cows wearing bells. She claims that the bells make very loud noises and the cows are suffering.

She wants people to stop using the cow bells despite being a long tradition. She also claims that the bells are too heavy.

Tanja Suter, who is the president of the Swiss People’s Party, said that Holten has a big mouth and that residents do not want to give her the gift of citizenship because she annoys citizens and does not respect traditions.