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Pringles introduces potato free chips

By Mason White 7:36 PM January 11, 2017
New Pringles LOUD
By: Mahesh Sarin

Consumers all over the world got to know Pringles as the premiere potato based chips.

Now, the company has introduced non potato based chips.

The company, which is based in Battle Creek, Michigan, said that everyone knows that Pringles majors in flavor. The stackable crisps come in a bold, new line-up called Pringles LOUD.

The crunchy corn, grain and veggie-based crisps are layered with flavor, and available in five mouthwatering varieties.

Fiery Chili Lime: The corn crisps will blast your taste buds with spicy tomato flavor, splash some lime and finish with a delicious heat.

Mighty Margherita Pizza: This grain and veggie crisp is layered with the classic ingredients of the popular pizza, tomato, basil and mozzarella, inspired by the colors of the Italian flag.

Salsa Fiesta: In Spanish, “salsa” means “sauce,” and “fiesta” means “feast” – which traditionally involves a celebration. So, these corn-based Pringles are a saucy celebration in your mouth.

Spicy Queso: Who doesn’t love delicious, melty cheese and peppers with corn crisps? Enough said.

Super Cheesy Italian: The main ingredient in any Italian dish – aside from parmesan and herbs – is enjoying the meal with friends and family. Grab a can of these new grain and veggie Pringles, and invite everyone you know to dig in.

“We’re excited to introduce Pringles LOUD to all the snack rebels out there,” said Kurt Simon, director of marketing for Pringles.

“Fans craving a little food adventure are sure to love the LOUD crunch and flavor,” he added.

The Pringles LOUD line-up got a makeover from can to hand – revealing sleek, black packaging, five delicious tastes and two crunchy textures – which snack fans can find at retailers nationwide starting this year.