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Man sets his underpants on fire in Starbucks bathroom

By Mason White 2:56 PM January 11, 2017
Randall Sullivan
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man was arrested after starting a fire in a Starbucks bathroom.

Police were called on Tuesday, to the Starbucks in Tallahassee, Florida, after a barista found the underpants burning in the bathroom.

The woman told police that she smelled something burning. At first, she thought it was the oven, but she soon realized that the smell was coming from the bathroom.

When she went to check, she saw a lot of smoke, feces and a pair of burning underwear on the floor after 58-year-old Randall Sullivan used the restroom.

A customer stopped Sullivan and alerted police, who were in the parking lot.

Sullivan was arrested, and when he was searched, officers found a cigarette lighter in his pocket.

Sullivan, who is homeless, has been charged with arson.

Police said that Sullivan was also connected to another arson incident at 1955 West Pensacola Street.