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How to make your partner feel special on their birthday

By Mason White 6:41 PM January 12, 2017
Birthday cake (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

We all like to feel loved and special to the person with whom we chose to spend our lives.

It is hard to do so during the year when you are busy juggling work and other responsibilities.

However, your partner’s birthday is the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for everything they do for you throughout the year.

Remember that it is not about how much money you spend, but how special your partner feels.

Here are some tips to make your partner feel loved, cared for and special on their birthday.

If it is possible, take the day off from work. Let your partner know about your plans so that they can take the day off as well.

This is a very powerful gesture as your partner knows how hard it can be to get a day off.

Start the day with a great breakfast. If you like to cook, make your partner’s favorite breakfast and clean up the kitchen after you are done cooking.

If you are not into cooking, get up before your partner and buy breakfast. It can be from a supermarket or from your partner’s favorite eatery.

Prepare the food nicely. Don’t worry, it can be festive disposable paper goods from a party supply store.

Lay everything out nicely on a table or make it a breakfast in bed. Remember to clean up after you are both done eating.

Go out together. This does not have to be expensive, but it does have to be memorable.

If your partner is adventurous, try to do something they have never done before such as horseback riding, mountain climbing, or just rent a motorcycle for a day and go out for a joy ride together.

You can do something more relaxing such as going for a walk on the beach, in the park or visit a museum.

If you want to buy your partner a specific gift, such as a piece of jewelry for a woman or a leather wallet, belt or cufflinks for a man, and you are not sure which style they like, use this time to surprise them and drive them to the store.

Then direct them to the section of that specific item and allow them to choose. Many men and women appreciate the fact that they can select the style of the gift they like.

If shopping is too stressful or if you are afraid that your partner will choose something over your budget, then you can buy a few different styles of the same gift.

Take it home and on their birthday let your partner choose the one they like and return the rest to the store the next day.

After spending quality time with your partner, go out for a nice dinner. It does not have to be an expensive restaurant, but rather make it special by putting away your phone and giving them your fullest attention.

It might be hard to shut your phone if you think that someone might be looking for you. To avoid distraction, call those people beforehand and let them know that you will not be available until after dinner.

Giving your partner your undivided attention during that dinner will be greatly appreciated and it will make them feel very special.

After dinner, you can both take a break and do something on your own. You can use that time to buy them something special like flowers or some chocolate.

You can buy a card and add something personal or write a heartfelt note, outlining what your partner means to you and what you love about them.

Hand them to your partner before going to bed, this will end your partner’s day in a very special way.