New Yorker calls police to 'stop the wind from blowing' because it is disturbing sleep

Wind (illustration)
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) Police have released an audio clip about a person who was unable to sleep due to strong wind.

Police in New York, were advised that a resident was unable to sleep due to the noise of the strong wind and is seeking help to stop it.

Police in Niagara Falls, released the audio of the dispatcher, asking officers if they can fight the force of nature in order to help the “victim.”

In the audio, the dispatcher is heard saying: “All cars be advised, someone called to see if the police could stop the wind from blowing so they could sleep.

“If any of you guys could do that, could you let me know?”

The wind in that area at the time was reportedly blowing at 16 miles per hour and it caused about 3,000 utility customers to lose power.