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Principal shaves his head in front of students in support of boy with shaved head who was bullied

By Mason White 10:55 AM January 13, 2017
Jackson Johnston shaving Tim Hadley’s hair
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) Staff members at a school in Iowa, took video of their principal showing compassion to a student.

The principal learned that students were bullying a sixth grader for shaving his hair.

Pekin Middle School principal Tim Hadley, said that instead of calling the bullies into his office and punishing them for their actions, he decided to use the incident to teach all of them a valuable lesson.

11-year-old Jackson Johnston was being bullied by students for shaving off his hair in support of his 58-year-old grandfather Rick, who is known as “Papa,” and is battling lymphoma.

Jackson’s mother, Amber Johnston, said that Rick’s hair started falling out from chemotherapy treatments, but he did not want to spook the children by shaving it.

Jackson decided to shave his head in order to make his grandfather feel better.

Jackson went to his grandfather, he pulled off his hat and welcomed his grandfather to “join the club.”

Rick was overwhelmed by the sweet and loving gesture. However, his classmates did not like it. When Jackson arrived to school, his classmates made fun of his new haircut.

Hadley, 35, whose grandfather died of cancer, his mother had thyroid cancer and his mother-in-law had uterus cancer, asked Jackson to shave his hair off in front of other students to teach
the students to stand up for what’s right and to care about others.