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How To Find The Woman Of Your Dreams

By Mason White 1:55 PM January 15, 2017
Couple (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

Every man wants to find that special someone with whom to share life and love.

It may be easier to find a girlfriend if you are looking for someone to keep you company so you aren’t alone and to make life more exciting.

However, if you are looking to settle down and maybe start a family with the woman of your dreams, then you want to find the person who is perfect for you so that you can live happily ever after.

Here are some tips to find the woman of your dreams.

The first thing you need to do is know who you are in order to know what type of woman to look for.

Many people say that opposites attract, this may be true, but it will also cause a lot of friction and arguments.

It is very important to find a woman who is like you in nature and who wants the same things in life that you feel important.

For example; if you are a man who loves to go out and your woman likes to stay home, it will lead to disagreements and arguments over how you should spend your nights together.

If both of you like to go out then you can enjoy your time together while doing what both of you love.

Here are some things you need to think about before looking for that special person who will appreciate what you have to offer.

Are you an emotional person? Some women love a man who is attuned with their feelings and their emotions while others see an emotional guy as being too needy and clingy.

What are your strong and weak points? Are you a good listener or do you get irritated when your woman speaks to much?

Are you a perfectionist? Will it get you upset if your partner is not clean and organized?

If you are not very neat then you should not take a perfectionist who will get irritated or angry with you over it.

Are you a disciplined person and demanding a lot of yourself and your woman? If so, then get a woman who is by nature a go-getter like you.

Are you dependent or independent? Do you like to have your woman’s impute or do you want to make the decisions by yourself?

Do you like to work and save your money or do you want to have less stuff and travel the world?

Once you determine what character traits are important then you will know what to look for in the woman of your dreams.

Looks are important, but remember that living with a beautiful woman who makes your life miserable is very bad.

When you find the woman who you believe “is the one,” look at the following:

Does she have your back? Is she sticking up for you when you are in a bad situation?

Is she putting you ahead of her friends and family?

Does she believe in you? Is she motivating you to believe in yourself or does she want you to change who you are?

Is your life much better when you are with her than without her?

Are you looking forward to coming home to see her? Is there a deep emotional connection?

Does she love you as much as you love her?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, then you have found yourself the woman if your dreams.