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Mother commits suicide as she felt ugly with breast implants after boyfriend made negative comments about her body

By Mason White 1:29 PM January 15, 2017
Rebecca Hoare
By: Feng Qian

A woman of the United Kingdom, became self conscious about her body after her boyfriend made negative comments.

After the two split up, the woman decided to undergo surgery for breast implants.

However, 38-year-old Rebecca Hoare of West Yorkshire, hated the way she looked after the surgery.

Hoare, who was a mother of two boys, developed an anxiety disorder and body dysmorphia, which gives sufferers a distorted view of how they look.

The private clinic where the surgery was performed told the court that the operation went well, and Hoare was happy with the results at first.

They also said that they had offered another surgery free of charge as a goodwill gesture after she became unhappy with the way she looked.

Hoare’s mother Helen Gallagher, said that her daughter was left feeling “ugly and disfigured” by the surgery.

However, Hoare did not want to undergo another surgery and instead, she committed suicide by hanging herself.