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Man angry after being ordered to pay child support for cheating wife’s love child

By Mason White 6:08 PM January 15, 2017
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By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man in Oklahoma, expressed his anger after a judge ordered him to pay child support for his wife’s love child.

The man who identified himself as Thomas of Tulsa, said that the judge ordered to pay $500 per month plus $15,000 for back child support payments to his former wife.

The judge ordered him to pay support despite the fact that two DNA tests proved that the child was not his. When Thomas was a teenager, he learned that his girlfriend got pregnant.

He decided to marry her, but the marriage did not last too long.

One day, Thomas decided to take a paternity test, which showed that he was not the father of the child. He went to court in order to stop paying child support for his cheating wife’s love child.

The judge initially agreed and canceled the child support order.

However, the judge reversed his earlier ruling, saying that Thomas has missed the deadline of questioning paternity.

According to the law, when a child is two years old, the presumed father becomes liable to pay support until adulthood.