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Man uses his head to break open 43 fresh coconuts to hit world record

By Mason White 6:27 PM January 16, 2017
Rashid Naseem breaking coconuts with his head
By: Tanya Malhotra

(Scroll down for video) A man in Pakistan, hit a world record by smashing numerous coconuts with his head.

30-year-old Rashid Naseem of Karachi, managed to crack open 43 fresh green coconuts with his head in just 60 seconds.

The feat was recorded on video, and was uploaded on Facebook, where it went viral.

Representatives of the Guinness World Record were at the scene to officially record the world record of 43 coconuts being smashed open by a human head.

Naseem revealed that he trained for six months to be able to achieve the world record.

When he began smashing coconuts with his head, he suffered splitting headaches, but they later went away as his body got used to the banging.

Naseem, who achieved several world records, said that he is aiming to hit 50 world records to make his country proud.

Naseem holds the world record for smashing the highest number of drink cans. Last year, he smashed 210 walnuts with his head in 60 seconds, which is also a world record.