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Police looking to arrest TV weatherman after snow he promised never arrived

By Mason White 6:18 PM January 16, 2017
Wanted poster
By: Wayne Morin

Police in Ireland, have released a wanted poster and asked for a TV weatherman to turn himself in after incorrectly predicting a snow storm.

The wanted poster states that Craigavon police are looking to arrest Barra Best, who is a weatherman at the BBC, for giving false hope to children.

“Folks please share! We’re keen to track this man down, Craigavons new most wanted! Whilst initially we thought that, as with most things, the lack of snow would be blamed on us, in the last 24 hours, we have had new information.

“The fact that there was some bloke on TV skiing in Coleraine, whilst in Craigavon we had to have a whip round to make a snow ball, is the fault of…THIS MAN!!

“Barra you may hand yourself in now. We will find you. We know there are many front rooms across Craigavon, you’ll be making an appearance in over the coming days. You broke our snow craving hearts. Craigavon is after you!” Police wrote on Facebook.

Police also printed a wanted notice, which states: “Wanted for building false hopes of children and cops! Barra dream destroyer Best.”

Police promised a reward of two donuts for information leading to the whereabouts of Best.

Best taunted the police on Facebook: “You better get the Feds and Interpol involved. I’m snowwhere to be found.”