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Department of Corrections worker caught working as a prostitute after posting sex ads on

By Mason White 5:01 PM January 16, 2017
Geliesha Smith
By: Chan Yuan

A New York Department of Corrections worker was arrested on charges for prostitution.

26-year-old Geliesha Smith, who works as a civilian employee assigned to the DOC’s Federal Task Force on Narcotics, was arrested in a prostitution sting operation in Brooklyn.

Smith allegedly offered to have sex with an undercover officer on Friday night. She asked for $120 in exchange for sex. She met the officer at the Days Inn Hotel on 39th Street in Sunset Park, where she was arrested.

She was charged with prostitution and was later released without bail.

Police found her ad on, where Smith wrote: “Hi Guy’s I’m LISA. This is a one of a kind experience! I have a beautiful face to match my sexy petite body.”

She uploaded provocative photos along with a video of herself performing a sex act on a man.

Smith worked with the department since March 2016, and she was still a probationary employee at the time of her arrest.

Smith was placed on leave and she will be terminated from her job from which she earned $75,000 a year.