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15-year-old girl who locked herself in abandoned prison cell calls fire department for help

By Mason White 5:21 PM January 17, 2017
Prison (illustration)
By: Chan Yuan

(Scroll down for video) 2 girls freaked out after trespassing into an abandoned prison and getting trapped inside, according to police in Illinois.

Joliet police said that they have arrested the two 15-year-old girls, who were not identified, were charged with one count of trespassing after being accused of breaking into the old Joliet Correctional Center.

According to the police investigation, the girl who identified herself as Brittany, climbed over a fence with her friend to gain access to the abandoned jail on Monday.

They entered unlocked prison cells, and at some point, one of the girl got trapped.

Brittany called the Joliet Fire Department, to report that she and her friend were stuck in the prison facility that has been abandoned 15 years ago.

After about an hour, firefighters used a sledgehammer to break through the wall and freed the trapped girl. They were not injured.

The girls recorded their ordeal with their cellphones and uploaded the footage on Snapchat and Twitter.

“I accidentally locked myself in a cell at the abandoned Joliet prison and had to call Joliet fire dept. to get me out so enjoy this video,” one of the girl wrote in Twitter.