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How To Make Your Job More Fun And Enjoyable

By Mason White 2:35 PM January 17, 2017
People working (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

You are at the workplace many hours of the day, so it is well worth to invest the energy to make it a happy place for yourself.

Here are some tips on how to make your job more fun and enjoyable.

Find a purpose. Whatever your job is, you can always find a purpose such as making other people’s days better and lifting their spirits. This will also make your days more fun and rewarding.

For example; if you work for a call answering service, pick up the phone with a smile and do whatever you can to make the person on the other end smile and happier even before they begin speaking to you.

If you work in a retail store, focus on making the day for your customers brighter with your smile, kind words and friendly assistance.

If you work behind the scenes such as in a warehouse, then you can lift the spirits of your coworkers.

Connect with coworkers in a good but professional way. Make your work environment a positive place so you will enjoy going to work every day.

Bring small treats and share them with your coworkers. This will create an environment of caring and sharing.

Compliment people around you. Find something you like about those around you and compliment them even on small things like their hair, clothing or personalities.

Create a challenge for yourself to see how many positive things you can find in your coworkers and customers, and how many compliments you can hand out in one day.

Try to outdo yourself the next day. This will make people like you and they will be happy to be around you.

Giving yourself to others will also make you feel good inside. It will help you be in a better mood and enjoy the environment even if you don’t love your job.

Don’t let anyone get you down. Change your attitude about your job. See the job as the vehicle to getting what you want and need rather than seeing it as burden and as a way of enriching your boss.

Challenge yourself to be the best and most productive worker. This will make you a very valuable worker, who is hard to replace.

If you invest time and energy to make the most of your time at work and to build up your business then you’ll get a renewed passion for your job.

You will feel good with your accomplishments and you will have more fun at work.