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Police chief and inspector arrested for driving car that was stolen from a taxi driver during robbery

By Mason White 4:49 PM January 17, 2017
By: Mahesh Sarin

Two high ranking police officials in Pakistan, were arrested after they were caught driving a car that was stolen during a robbery, according to

The car was recovered from the possession of police officers 12 days after it was stolen by thieves.

The officers were using the vehicle after removing the original license plates and replacing them with official plates.

Police in Sheikhupura, arrested a police chief and a deputy inspector following an investigation.

The vehicle was stolen from a taxi driver who was asked to drive to Khanqah Dogran.

When the driver arrived at the destination, he was robbed and his car was stolen.

The driver asked a good Samaritan to drive him to the nearest police station, where he filed a complaint.

A few days later, two police officers went to a store and the owner recognized their vehicle as the one that was stolen from his friend.

The friend took photos of the vehicle and provided them to the police.

After reviewing the surveillance video from the store, police discovered that the vehicle had been driven by the police chief in another area.

Officer raided that police station and found the vehicle, which was being used by the deputy inspector.

The police chief and the deputy inspector were arrested.

They said that they found the vehicle near the Khanpur Channel, and that they were not involved in the robbery.