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Father caught selling his 5-month-old son to buy his wife a car

By Mason White 4:18 PM January 17, 2017
Zhang holding his baby
By: Wayne Morin

(Scroll down for video) A father in China, was caught selling his son in order to buy his wife a car.

Police released surveillance video, which showed the father holding his baby on a street in Linyi city, while waiting for a prospective buyer.

Police have arrested the man who agreed to sell his 5-month-old son for 80,000 yuan ($11,600) to a stranger whom he had met online.

The suspect, who was identified as Zhang, was seen waiting at the intersection of Jinyi Road and Linyi San Road, and he looked around for more than 10 minutes.

A police officer who was on patrol, stopped to talk to the father after arousing suspicion because he appeared to be nervous.

The baby was not wearing warm clothes and was crying. The man was taken to the police station, where he was questioned.

During the interrogation, Zhang confessed that he had put his son on sale online and the buyer was supposed to arrive at any moment.

Zhang told police that he had wanted to divorce his wife.

However, his wife said that she would only accept the divorce if he buys her a car so he planned to use the money from the sale of his son to pay for the vehicle.

Zhang also told police that he wanted his son to have a good home after the divorce.

Zhang had been arrested for human trafficking.