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Mother is sentenced to death after burning her daughter alive for embarrassing her

By Mason White 4:49 PM January 18, 2017
Hassan Khan holding a photo of his deceased wife
By: Mahesh Sarin

(Scroll down for video) A mother was arrested for killing her daughter because she embarrassed her.

Prosecutor Abdur Rauf of Lahore, Pakistan, said that the mother was sentenced to death for burning her 18-year-old daughter Zeenat Rafiq, alive for marrying the man of her choice.

Judge Chaudhry Ilyas sentenced the mother, Parveen Bibi, to death after she admitted to killing her daughter because she brought shame to the family by marrying the man she chose.

The teenager was burned to death one week after marrying her classmate and lover Hassan Khan.

The victim’s brother Anees Rafique, was sentenced to life in prison for helping her mother kill Zeenat.

Authorities said that the mother asked her daughter to come home so that they can get to know her husband and to celebrate her marriage.

The family made Rafiq believe that they had forgiven her for marrying the man without their permission.

However, when she arrived home, her mother and brother tied her to a bed and set her on fire.

After Rafiq was burned alive, her family members were arrested. Her brother-in-law was also arrested, but charges against him were eventually dropped.