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Father uses Facebook to cover up his crime after killing his wife

By Mason White 4:41 PM January 18, 2017
George Joseph and Kristen McShane
By: Feng Qian

A man was arrested as he was trying to commit suicide after killing his wife.

Police in Florida, said that the man killed his wife, and then logged onto her Facebook and posted a message in an effort to hide his crime.

42-year-old George Joseph McShane wrote on his wife’s Facebook page: “I can’t believe I dropped my phone in the toilet. I’m such an idiot. Message me here, till I can get it fixed.”

According to police, family members became concerned after Kristen did not answer their calls or texts.

They asked police to go to the home for a welfare check.

Officers found McShane in his car with the engine running while it was parked in the garage as he was trying to commit suicide, detectives said.

After searching the house, officers found his wife Kristen, a mother of two children, dead in her bed.

McShane later told detectives that he wrote the message so that people should think that she is alive.

McShane was charged with murder and domestic violence by strangulation.