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7-Eleven introduces breakfast pizza topped with scrambled eggs and gravy

By Mason White 6:30 PM January 19, 2017
Pizza topped with scrambled eggs
By: Chan Yuan

Pizza lovers are now able to eat their favorite food for breakfast at the world’s most popular convenience store.

7‑Eleven stores across the United States, now have hot, ready-to-eat breakfast pizza.

While some like to eat traditional breakfast foods for the first meal of the day, others choose what’s easy, like leftover pizza, for breakfast.

To bring the best of both worlds together, 7‑Eleven has created a breakfast pizza that has everyone’s favorite breakfast foods in every slice.

The world’s largest convenience retailer’s new breakfast pizza is loaded with smoked bacon, breakfast sausage, hickory-smoked ham, scrambled eggs, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and peppered cream gravy on top of a flaky biscuit crust.

The hot breakfast pizza is part of 7‑Eleven stores’ two-for-$2 pizza slice offer.

Whole breakfast pizzas are $5.55.

“This is a hearty option for customers craving a warm breakfast in addition to their fresh-brewed cup of coffee,” said Nancy Smith, 7‑Eleven senior vice president of fresh food and proprietary beverages.

“It’s great for sharing at the office, giving co-workers another great option from the usual box of great donuts,” she added.

During a successful test at select 7‑Eleven stores, the breakfast pizza proved so popular with customers that it became the second highest-selling pizza.

Once customers tried it, they came back for more.

“Since we started carrying hot pizza, it has become one of the best-selling ready-to-eat foods at 7‑Eleven stores,” said Dennis Phelps, 7‑Eleven vice president of fresh food and proprietary beverages.

“Mornings are our busiest time of day, and adding a breakfast pizza will prove to be as popular with the a.m. crowd as our other pizzas are for lunch and dinner,” he added.