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School employee was fired for correcting student’s misspelled tweet

By Mason White 12:03 PM January 19, 2017
The tweets
By: Feng Qian

A school employee was fired after correcting a student over a word she spelled wrong on Twitter.

Katie Nash was hired as the social media manager for a Maryland school district.

She said that students asked her to be more involved in social media by responding to their tweets.

She took their request seriously and she began being more active on the school’s social media account.

However, this backfired, and Nash lost her $44,066 a year job at the Frederick County Public Schools.

The termination came after a there was talk of a snowstorm coming the next day and a student asked the school to close.

The student wrote: “Close school tammarow please.”

The which Nash replied: “but then how would you learn how to spell ‘tomorrow’? :)”

Nash thought her response was lighthearted. However, after the tweet went viral, she was called into the office and she was fired.

Students are calling on the school district to give Nash back her job. Over 7,000 people have so far signed a petition to help Nash get her job back.