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Man jailed for violating his court order banning him from having sex without police permission

By Mason White 1:37 PM January 22, 2017
Geoffrey Ball
By: Chan Yuan

A man of the United Kingdom, was jailed after police discovered that he had sex with a woman without asking officers for permission.

45-year-old Geoffrey Ball of Middlesbrough, was busted after having a one night stand with a woman, who he met at a pub.

Ball was ordered to stay away from women after many women filed complaints against him.

The court heard how Ball used different aliases to keep his identity a secret when he met women online. He then cheated them out of thousands of dollars.

As punishment, the judge ordered Ball to stay away from social media so he does not take advantage of more women. He was also ordered to tell women about his criminal history before dating them.

His probation included a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, which forced Ball to get permission from police before he engaged in sexual activity with any woman.

Ball violated the order when he met his last victim, a 50-year-old woman, at a pub. He began chatting with her and her daughter before going to the woman’s home and having sex with her.

Judge Sean Morris sentenced Ball to 16 months in prison.