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Man gets $400 fine for being in possession of a red apple

By Mason White 6:17 PM January 23, 2017
Woman eating apple (illustration)
By: Tanya Malhotra

A man is angry after customs agents at an airport in Fiji, gave him a large fine for being in possession of an apple.

Douglas Korman, who is a successful businessman in the United States, said that he flew to Fiji, in order to study a potential business deal in the Pacific Harbor.

Korman was excited to visit the country, but his enthusiasm was quickly put to rest when he had his first encounter with the authorities in the country.

When the businessman was on the plane, he was handed a customs form to fill out. Korman had difficulty reading the form due to the small font and dim lighting on the plane.

He signed the form in order to be able to enter the country.

When he arrived at the Nadi International Airport, he was questioned by customs agents. Before he was let go, the agents asked him if he had any food.

Korman said that he is in the possession of an apple. He pulled out his red apple and handed it over to the agents. The agents slapped him with a fine of $400 for failing to report the apple on the customs form.

Korman was given 7 days to pay his fine.