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How To Love And Appreciate Child With Down Syndrome

By Mason White 1:55 PM January 23, 2017
Collette Devitto who has Down syndrome
runs her own successful bakery
By: Michelle Parker

When you first learn that you are carrying a child with Down syndrome, you might be at a loss of how to deal with the news.

Many people wonder how others will perceive them as parents of a child with special needs.

Others worry about how people will accept their children.

However, the most important thing is for you to accept the situation and welcome your child with an open mind.

While some people may be judgmental, by in large, children with Down syndrome have become a part of society.

Many of the stereotypes about children with Down syndrome have vanished as they have proven to be an integral part of society.

There are people with Down syndrome who run successful businesses, and there are children with special needs who were hired and were paid to be models for clothing companies.

As long as you believe in your children, they will strive and achieve great things.

People are attracted to children with Down syndrome because they give a lot of love, they are sensitive to others and they are careful not to offend others.

They smile a lot and are happy by nature. Children with Down syndrome act like any other child when it comes to their moods and the will be fussy a handful at times, but they are by nature more happy than others.

Children with Down syndrome melt the hearts of those around them with their loving smile and adorable actions.

When children with Down syndrome sense that someone is feeling down, they comfort the person in a special way that only they can.

Having a child with Down syndrome will make your other children and family members more compassionate people.

When you have a child with Down syndrome, you will find new friends who are caring and are worth being around.

People with Down syndrome want to be treated like everyone else. Demand from them to do chores just like their siblings.

Don’t pity them in way that will hinder their growth and independence.

If Children with Down syndrome feel like everyone else then they will live up to their potential, and they may even surprise you.