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How To Live Your Life As Though It Was A Romance Movie

By Mason White 11:08 AM January 25, 2017
Movie (illustration)
By: Michelle Parker

People often wonder if you can live your life as though it was a romance movie.

Many question whether their is such a thing as living “happily ever after.”

The answer is “yes,” you can live you life as if it was a romance movie and live happily ever after.

In your life, you are the producer and the main player of the show, and you can get to choose to create the movie however you want to.

You also get to choose the other characters who will be in the movie of your life.

Every movie has parts that are good and bad, romantic and sometimes scary, just like in real life.

If you want to create a successful movie, you have to surround yourself with positive people and stop being around those who bring you down.

Don’t be afraid to make changes. If you see that the movie of you life is on the wrong track and you don’t like the way it is going, then change the script.

Take action and bring more positive characters in you life.
If you have a close family member who is ruining it for you, don’t be afraid to “fire them” from your movie set.

You can still be courteous to them, but stay away as much as possible so that they don’t play a part that will ruin your movie and the profits, which is the happiness you will earn from a good life.

Life is what you choose to make of it. If you choose to have a positive attitude, your life will play out much better.

If you want your movie of life to have a happy ending and you want to live happily ever after then you must surround yourself with successful and like-minded people, and don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams like a movie star.