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New restaurant allows naked diners to eat ice cream off nude models

By Mason White 6:28 PM January 26, 2017
Couple sitting naked at the Innato restaurant
By: Emily Lewis

Consumers who would like try eating off of nude models, can fly to the Canary Islands in Spain, where they can enjoy gourmet food while eating naked.

The Innato restaurant encourages diners to strip off their clothes and eat totally naked.

Dessert is served on nude male and female models and diners can eat chocolate and ice cream straight off of their bodies.

The owner of the restaurant, Tony de Leonardis, said that he was inspired by a London restaurant, which allowed diners to eat in the nude.

At one point, the London restaurant had a waiting list of more than 46,000 people. At Innato, people can order the “Happy Ending,” which is melted chocolate served on a nude model.

The restaurant does not supply spoons so diners need to lick the chocolate off of the naked bodies. Before entering the restaurant, diners need to hand over their phones so that nobody is able to take photos.