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Woman throws dirty tampon at police officer

By Mason White 6:21 PM January 26, 2017
Tecora Fields and Andre Sousa
By: Alexis Bell

A police officer was horrified after a dirty tampon hit him while confronting a woman who called him a “b***h,” according to police in Florida.

St. Petersburg police said that they have arrested 28-year-old Tecora Fields, after being accused of assaulting the police officer who was identified as 28-year-old Andre Sousa, with a deadly weapon.

Fields has been charged with one count of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer. She was booked into jail, and her bail has been set at $5,000.

According to the criminal complaint, Fields was involved in a large brawl on Monday night. As Sousa approached the woman, she called him a “b***h,” and told him to suck her p***y.

Fields then warned the officer that she will throw a dirty tampon at him. Fields then pulled out her tampon from her privates and threw it at the officer.

She aimed it at the officer’s mouth, but the tampon landed on the officer’s shoulder. Fields tried to flee from the scene, but she was caught after being shot with a Taser.