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Police officer tries to kill woman and makes it look like suicide after stealing her dog and selling it on Craigslist

By Mason White 11:50 AM January 27, 2017
Frankie Eugene Bybee with the woman’s dog
By: Alexis Bell

(Scroll down for video) An elderly woman’s call for help nearly got her killed at the hands of the officer who was supposed to protect her.

Police said that the officer held the woman down and forced pills down her throat.

He then opened the garage door leading to the home and left her car running. The home filled with carbon monoxide, which would have made it look as if her death was a suicide.

Luckily, the woman survived and she somehow managed to call for help.

Police in Sarasota County, Florida, said that the officer was dispatched to the elderly woman’s home for a welfare check a while ago.

He befriended the 79-year-old woman and began visiting her home a few times.

He introduced the elderly woman to his family, visited her while she was in the hospital and offered to care for her dog while she was hospitalized, all in an effort to gain her trust, police said.

Sadly, the 46-year-old officer, Frankie Eugene Bybee, sold the woman’s beloved dog on Craigslist.

He also stole the woman’s checkbook, and wrote checks to himself and to his children. He forged the victim’s signature on her personal checks in the amount of $65,000.

When the elderly woman filed a police complaint saying that Bybee was harassing her, he tried to kill her.

Bybee was charged with attempted murder.

Detectives were able to track down the person who bought the elderly woman’s dog on Craigslist, and it will be reunited with her.