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Why You Should Never Give Up On Finding Love

By Mason White 12:42 PM January 27, 2017
By: Michelle Parker

Every person deserves to be loved and happy.

There are billions of people out there who are looking for love and there is a person somewhere who is looking for you.

Think about that special person. What do you think they are looking for?

They want the same things as you, to be loved and cherished for who they are.

Finding your soulmate does not mean that life will always be perfect, but you can live a very happy and fulfilling life.

Soulmates are two people who have very similar natures, character traits and goals.

Soulmates are two people who have the same beliefs. If you are health conscious or vegetarian you have to be with someone who shares these beliefs.

If you are an animal lover you cannot be with someone who is allergic to animals or dislikes pets.

If you follow a religion, regardless of which one, you can be a partner of someone who believes in another religion. However, if you don’t follow a religion then the relationship will probably not work well.

For many people politics do not play a major role in their everyday lives.

However, if you are very outspoken and passionate about politics then you have to find someone who has the same political orientation as you since you don’t want to add this tension to your love life.

Soulmates have to be on the same page when it comes to ways of living life. If one partner wants children and the other does not want to have any, this might be too large of an issue to withstand.

Being very much alike, will allow the two of you to be best friends and love each other for who you are with all of their faults.

Be open minded. Your soulmate may be from a different country, a different race or look different from what you have imagined for yourself.

Don’t shortchange yourself by putting limits on who you are willing to date.

Never give up hope on finding that special someone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always find your soulmate.

Here are just some examples of people who are proof of this as they found their soulmates when they were elderly.

Dana Jackson married 84-year-old Bill Stauss, on the day of her 100th birthday in Kentucky.

90-year-old Harold Sharlin found his soulmate, 93-year-old Miriam Steiner. They met at a bookstore in Washington D.C.

91-year-old Alton Nichols found his soulmate in 84-year-old Betty Hall of Syracuse, New York.

When you find that special someone, remember to give unconditional love and acceptance.

Don’t look for what you can get from your partner. Instead, focus on what you can give of yourself to them. This will make your partner fall in love with you even more and they will reciprocate the love.