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3D printer kills couple and their two cats after leaking carbon monoxide

By Mason White 5:27 PM January 29, 2017
Roger and Valerie Morash with their cat
By: Mason White

(Scroll down for video) Two young people were found dead in their home from carbon monoxide poisoning, and investigators believe that the source was a 3D printer, according to police in California.

Berkeley police said that 35-year-old Roger Morash and 32-year-old Valerie Morash were found dead in their home on Monday.

Their two cats were also found dead on the home. Tests showed that the husband and wife along with their two cats died of carbon monoxide.

Police found a 3D laser printer that released fumed into the home. Police and firefighters evacuated the apartment building located on Deakin Street.

PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric Company) checked for a gas leak, but they found none. Investigators later discovered that the 3D printer was leaking the deadly poison.