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Two sisters reunited with their mother 28 years after they were abducted by their cousin who sold them

By Mason White 4:04 PM January 29, 2017
Chen Jiaxiang reuniting with her daughters
By: Mason White

A mother and her grown daughters of China, cried as they were reunited 28 years after they were abducted from their home.

Sadly, the women were unable to see their father as he is no longer alive.

72-year-old Chen Jiaxiang, hugged her daughters tightly and said that she never thought she would see them again in her lifetime.

Chen’s older daughter, 47-year-old Ruixiu Huang, said that she and her sister, 42-year-old Ruixiang Huang, had been kidnapped by a cousin in 1988.

Their male cousin then separated the girls and sold them to families in different cities in China.

The girls were given new names by their adoptive parents. Ruixiu Huang was named Li Fengyi and her sister Ruixiang Huang was named Huang Shunxiang.

Ruixiu searched for her mother and sister and she finally managed to do so with the help of the public security bureau and volunteers from an anti-human trafficking website.

The three were reunited after DNA confirmed their identities.

Police are now looking for the cousin who abducted and sold the children for his own gains.