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Heartbroken man shoots himself in the head in front of wife’s grave

By Mason White 12:12 PM January 30, 2017
Cemetery (illustration)
By: Tanya Clark

A man shot himself in the head while visiting his wife’s grave.

Police in New York, said that the 83-year-old man was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after shooting himself in the head.

The man was at the cemetery in Queens, where he shot himself while standing in front of his wife’s grave.

The incident reportedly took place at St. John’s Cemetery in Middle Village.

Employees at the cemetery said that they knew the man as he came often to visit his wife’s grave. The 83-year-old man, who was not named, was found by workers lying next to his wife’s grave.

They also located a .22 caliber pistol at his side. The man survived, and he was taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he remains in critical condition.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn/Queens Diocese, the operator of the cemetery, said that many employees at the cemetery know the man because he visits his late wife’s grave often.