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Actor fatally shoots himself in the head while streaming suicide on Facebook Live

By Mason White 4:10 PM January 30, 2017
Frederick Jay Bowdy
By: William Martin

(Scroll down for video) An actor who was arrested on a charge of sexual assault, ended his life by shooting himself in the head, according to police in California.

Los Angeles police said that 33-year-old Frederick Jay Bowdy, was arrested after being accused of sexual assault.

He was booked into jail and released after posting $100,000 bail. On Monday, Bowdy gave up on his life. He went to his car and began recording his suicide on Facebook Live.

Several family members who watched the live Facebook stream, called the police, and officers rushed to the scene. By the time police arrived, Bowdy fatally shot himself in the head.

His family members watched in shock as Bowdy pulled the trigger. The video has since been removed from Facebook.

Bowdy left behind his partner Whitney, and his six young children. Bowdy starred in the movie Prepper, and was being filmed in the movie Going Vertical, which has not been released.