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Mother of four children collapses and dies in courtroom after hearing judge’s ruling

By Mason White 12:15 PM January 30, 2017
Hayley Gascoign
By: Emily Lewis

A mother from Scunthorpe, England, died suddenly in a courtroom after hearing a judge’s ruling.

The woman’s family said that she died due to “stress of a ruling in a family legal battle involving children.”

However, they did not specify what the case was about.

32-year-old Hayley Gascoigne, who is a mother to three boys and a 6-month-old girl, was at the Hull Crown Court when the incident occurred.

Gascoigne was with her parents, Terry and Kathleen, as well as her sister when she began shaking. She suddenly collapsed and died after suffering a cardiac arrest.

She was rushed to a hospital, but she died in her sister’s arm.

Just days before the incident, Gascoigne, who was described as a devoted mother, posted a photo on Facebook, showing her and her children at a park. “Happy 2 day with my four,” she wrote.

Police are investigating her death.

Family members said that Gascoigne went to the bathroom shortly before she became ill. They suspect that she may have swallowed something while she was in the bathroom.