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Woman thrown in jail after cutting her own face while doing tricks with a sword

By Mason White 1:18 PM January 31, 2017
Lisa Bunker
By: Mason White

Police in New Hampshire, were called to a home after a woman cut her own face while showing off tricks with a sword.

Police in Manchester, were called to 58 Massabesic Street at around 10:00 p.m., by neighbors who became concerned with the way the woman was handling the sword.

51-year-old Lisa Bunker told the officers that she had been doing sword tricks before she accidentally hit herself in the head, causing a small cut close to her eye.

Bunker’s former husband told police that he tried to take the sword away so that she does not get hurt anymore, but he was unsuccessful.

Instead of protecting Bunker, the 37-year-old man received cuts to both of his hands while trying to take the sword from her, police said.

While an officer was talking to Bunker, she began to demonstrate her sword tricks with her hands as she no longer had the blade.

However, while doing so, she accidentally hit the officer in the face. Bunker was arrested and she was examined by paramedics.

She refused medical treatment and was taken into police custody.

Bunker was charged with simple assault, reckless conduct and resisting arrest.