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Emu dies after police handcuff it for crossing road and disrupting traffic

By Mason White 1:12 PM January 31, 2017
Emu (illustration)
By: Emily Lewis

People are upset over the death of an emu that died while handcuffed by police.

Police in Australia, were called by drivers who spotted the emu running on the Princes Highway in Newborough on Saturday night.

Some people attempted to gain control of the bird, but they were unsuccessful. They also attempted to get it into a car so it can be taken to a veterinarian, but they failed.

Police officers and a veterinarian who arrived at the scene, had a hard time catching the bird.

An officer eventually tackled the emu to the ground and handcuffed its legs in order to get the bird to stop kicking.

“Sadly, the emu died because of what is believed to be stress from the incident,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.

The officer suffered cuts and bruises while trying to apprehend the emu.