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Man pulls fire alarm at hotel waking up all guests because he did not like the manager’s sexual orientation

By Mason White 5:14 PM January 31, 2017
Ronald Gary Lay Jr.
By: Alexis Bell

Police were called to a hotel after a man scared the guests by pulling the fire alarm in middle of the night.

The man was at the hotel in Florida, when he caused the unusual disturbance.

The owner of the La Quinta Inn in Fort Myers, told police that 30-year-old Ronald Gary Lay Jr., of Cocoa, ran around in his underwear while screaming.

The hotel owner said that Lay’s actions disturbed the peace, and all the guests who were sleeping on the second floor woke up.

However, Lay was not satisfied with just disturbing some guests. He then pulled a fire alarm, causing the rest of the hotel guests to wake up.

When the deputies arrived and questioned Lay, he told them he was angry because he did not like the sexual orientation of the hotel manager.

Lay was arrested and later released after posting $2,250 bail.