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Congregants applaud and support pastor who publicly admitted to sleeping with married man’s wife

By Mason White 10:28 AM February 2, 2017
Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons

(Scroll down for video) A pastor in Florida, was allowed to keep his job after he had an ongoing relationship with the wife of his congregant.

The pastor called a meeting with his followers and he apologized for his actions after he was caught having sex with a married woman in her daughter’s bed.

37-year-old pastor O. Jermaine Simmons of Tallahassee, admitted to his actions after he was busted by the woman’s husband as he lied naked in bed with Claynisha Stephens, 34, who was married for seven years and has children.

Simmons received applause when said that he does not have to defend his actions to the outside world as he is not the their pastor.

He also ordered his members not to engage in conversation with people especially on social media to defend his actions.

The pastor said that God already forgave him and he asked his members to do the same, to which he received further applause.

The incident began when Claynisha, who had an ongoing relationship with the pastor since October 2016, invited the pastor to her home to discuss community matters.

While Claynisha was having sex with the pastor, her 6-year-old son became sick at school.

School officials tried calling her, and when she did not pick up the phone, they called her husband, 38-year-old Benjamin Stephens III.

He went to the school and then took his son. When he arrived home with the boy, Benjamin found the naked pastor in bed with his wife.

Benjamin allegedly grabbed his gun and threatened to kill the pastor, but his wife got between the two and begged him not to shoot her lover in front of their young son.

The pastor managed to run out of the home naked and he hid outside of the home.

The husband left with the pastor’s clothes, phone, wallet and keys. He told his wife that he will drop off the clothes and the other items at the church in order to expose the pastor’s cheating ways.

Police were called, but Simmons, who is also married and has one son, refused to press charges against the husband for pulling a gun on him.

During the meeting, the pastor said that his wife was standing by him despite his infidelity.