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10-year-old girl dies after her teacher ordered her classmates to beat her up for reading poorly

By Mason White 1:50 PM February 1, 2017
Joy Wangari
By: Mason White

A young girl lost her life at the hands of her vicious teacher and her classmates.

10-year-old Joy Wangari of Kenya, was beaten to death by a teacher who ordered her classmates to join her because the girl was unable to read.

The teacher ran away and went into hiding after the death of her student.

Wangari was a student at the Mukandamia Elementary School in Nairobi.

The teacher asked girls in the class to read, and when they reported that Wangari was unable to grasp the concept of reading, the teacher ordered the children to hit her.

One day, the frustrated teacher began beating Wangari and she then ordered all of her students to join her in the cowardly act.

Parents said that the teacher used the students to cover up her own actions.

However, it all came to light when the child died of the injuries, which she suffered at the hands of her teacher and classmates.

After the beating, the girl complained to the principal, but nothing was done and she was told to go home, where she lived with her 86-year-old grandmother.

The girl was taken to a hospital, where she died after complaining of severe stomach pain.

Another parent, Simon Mureithi, said that this was not the first instance of violence committed by teachers on students at this school.

Mureithi said that he removed his child from the school after he was beaten by the teacher. He said that there are many other complaints over the cruel treatment from teachers toward students.

“We demand that all the teachers be replaced by more humane ones,” Mureithi said.